Courses app featured in “55+ Shopify Marketing Apps To Grow Your Ecommerce Business In 2021”

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Thanks to our colleagues in POP Courses app is now featured in 55+ Shopify Marketing Apps To Grow Your Ecommerce Business In 2021 rating along with many other great Shopify solutions helping merchants to save time and solve business needs. We’re glad to read that Courses app became relevant to many merchants and allows multiple businesses to create brand new digital products by sharing their experiences and knowledge using new or existing Shopify stores with the help of Courses app.

We introduced multiple new features into the app over last months, including : Quizzes, Drip Content, Limited Time Course Access. Courses app becomes a powerful tool for building online educational platform right inside your Shopify store. It’s easy to set up and our support team is ready to assist you in case you have a specific request related to uploading content, configuring course modules / chapters, managing courses and more. Start building your courses today with Courses app for Shopify!

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