Customer VAT form – now available in Mega PDF Invoice Generator for Shopify

Hi all,

One of the most requested new features for the Mega PDF Invoice Generator app was about to specify VAT number for a customer. Today, we’d like to show you a brand new feature coming to the app:

Customer VAT form

Customer VAT form, when enabled, allows your customers to enter their VAT number, which will be reflected in their generated PDF invoices. The form will appear on “Thank You” page (after successful checkout). This can be really helpful when your business is operating in multiple countries with different VAT laws, thus requiring additional info from your customers. For example, right now under EU law customers are required to enter their tax info when they process the checkout.

This is how this form looks like for customers:

To enable this feature, go to your Shopify store’s Apps section, select Mega PDF Invoice Generator and scroll under in the Settings tab:

This feature, along with many others, is available in Premium and Enterprise plans of the app.

In case of any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us. Stay tuned!

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