Verified Members

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Lots of phpFox users requested a feature that could allow them to add Verified badge to some community users on user profiles and near usernames everywhere on your site, just like on Twitter or Facebook. If you’re also looking for such a feature, this app is exactly what you need!

How to make user verified:

    go to “VerifiedMembers” app in your AdminCP;
    enable VerifiedMembers by switching the setting under Settings menu;
    make sure that Verified Members add-on is installed (you can find installation link above);
    find user you want to make verified;
    click gray expand icon on the left of user’s name and click “Verify”;
    go to this user’s profile and see verified icon near user’s name on his profile.

Users can also verify each other (if admin allows it in settings). Admin will be able to set amount of verification comments needed to make member verified. There will be a separate page on profile where users will be able to see verification comments for specific member.