Shopify apps – July updates

Hi! 👋 In this post we wanted to share results of the work our team performed during last month, improving Shopify apps for better user experience and performance! 💪 🖼️ Mega Image Exporter (//apps.shopify.com/mega-image-exporter) – new image export progress design; – improved support for image file names that include lots of special characters; 📱 Mobile Smart App Banner (//apps.shopify.com/smart-app-banner) Read more about Shopify apps – July updates[…]

Back-up images from Shopify

Many of Shopify store owners have thought about their store copy or migration. So which data will you need to export in case if you decide to make a back-up of your online store, create a copy or migrate a store to a brand new Shopify account? Products metadata (titles, descriptions, prices, variants, etc); Store design – Read more about Back-up images from Shopify[…]

iOS and Android apps banner for Shopify

How to increase Shopify iOS / Android mobile app installations?

If you’re a store owner and have iOS and Android apps that allow you to sell on mobile, there is a great and easy-to-use solution that allows to increase amount of your mobile apps installations and thus mobile sales!   Smart App Banner was designed by Apple as a native feature available in Safari browser Read more about How to increase Shopify iOS / Android mobile app installations?[…]

Why commenting Shopify products is essential?

Working on e-commerce directions, in particular – Shopify, we always take experience from our wide social networking background. We all know that most of the content users generate in social networks can be (in various ways) liked, re-posted, promoted or commented. All this factors are important for ranging your content when it’s delivered to other users. Let’s Read more about Why commenting Shopify products is essential?[…]

Verified Products allows to add check icons to highlight trusted products in Shopify stores

Marking trusted products with badges on Shopify

A lot of merchants are looking for a way to highlight selected, featured or trusted products in their stores. Of course there are collections, tags, but there is one more easy and efficient way.   How does it work? Simply go to Verified Products` admin and verify products from the list:   Then you will Read more about Marking trusted products with badges on Shopify[…]