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In this blog we’d like to highlight commenting and community building options available in Courses Plus app for Shopify.


1. Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments app has been integrated with Courses Plus for a while – it is an easy to enable way for students to comment on lessons. There is no need to log in as soon as student is using the same browser where they’re logged in to Facebook. Of course, student’s name and profile picture are available already, from Facebook account.


Facebook comment Reviews on all Shopify store product pages


Negative side of Facebook Comments plugin is possible limitation on commenting and reading comments in European Region (related to legal / cookie related limitations).


Install Facebook Comments



2. Commentify

Commentify is an alternative commenting option available in Courses Plus app and, unlike Facebook, it does not rely on global services, like Facebook / Meta / Disqus, etc, and uses only its own infrastructure. This means that comments and users data won’t be used for advertising and other related global services.


Commentify comments from Shopify – Advanced commenting features


Commentify provides more advanced features:

  • voting (upvotes / downvotes);
  • sticky comments;
  • moderation;
  • nested replies (threads);
  • markdown support;
  • ability to lock threads if needed.


Install Commentify



Both apps are integrated natively with Courses Plus app, so you can just visit Settings section of Courses Plus app’s admin and install / enable the app of your choice.

2 thoughts on “Comments in Courses Plus app for Shopify

  • Hi there,

    I am interested in this, as I am already using Courses Plus. I wonder if this Commentify is only seen withing the course or on all products in my Shopify store? I want to use it only withing the course.

    • Hi Paulina,

      This is how it’s designed to be integrated – comments will appear under lessons, not under all products. You can reach out to Commentify team if needed for setup assistance.

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