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Creating a well organized and thoughtfully structured learning experience takes a lot of effort, and in most cases course creators are faced with a task of scheduling their content to a long-term period of time. Whether it’s guiding students to complete learning modules over a period of days, weeks, or even months, or planning to release certain modules at specific dates, it is always valuable to have a system in place that will provide the level of customization you need. That’s why we are excited to give you a closer look at the Drip Content Feature, available in Courses App for Shopify.

Within a few clicks the Courses App allows you to “drip” sections of your course based on a number of different conditions, such as: 

  • Access to the next section is provided only after the previous one was completed. This will come in handy, if you have a sequential course structure in mind, where sections should be accessed one after another; 
  • Next section is available only after the quiz in the previous section was successfully passed. A great solution for those who want to make sure students understood course materials;
  • Release each section at a specific time. This will allow each section to be released by a specific date, or a set number of days after each particular student enrolled in this course. Flexible and adjustable option, where you don’t have to activate this feature for each section of your course. For example, you can have an introductory section available right away, and then schedule following ones over the course of several weeks (or set specific dates for when those should be made available).

Sounds awesome, right? Now, the only question left is, where can you set all of this up? Simply follow these steps after you’ve accessed your Shopify store admin page:

1. Go to Apps Tab, then click on Courses app from the list of apps installed in your store;

2. Go to My courses Tab;

3. Click on the particular course you would like to set the Drip Content feature on;



4. Click on the Drip Content from the list of Course settings;

5. Select a preferred method for Drip Content from available options;

6. If you chose the “date / time” option, feel free to set up a release schedule for each section by choosing either Specific Date or X Days After Enrollment. Don’t forget to Activate each section you want to release with this condition in mind. You can then deactivate or change the release date at any time.



In addition, here is a video tutorial on how to enable and configurate Limit course access and Drip Content features inside Courses App:


We are constantly thinking about and improving upon existing features, and Drip Content is not an exception. Email notifications for students about the content release are currently in development, we will be happy to inform you when this feature is ready in the future.

One last thing, you can enable this feature on our Basic Plan for the app, but if you haven’t already, go check out Courses app for Shopify for free.


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If you are not using Shopify yet, you can try it for free for 14 days using this link.

As usual, in case of any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us. Until next time, stay tuned, and enjoy creating new awesome products!


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    • Hello Alisha! We are still working on this feature, as it means a lot of emails for each store using the app, but thanks for letting us know about importance of this feature for your project. This helps us to adjust priorities.

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