Why commenting Shopify products is essential?

Working on e-commerce directions, in particular – Shopify, we always take experience from our wide social networking background. We all know that most of the content users generate in social networks can be (in various ways) liked, re-posted, promoted or commented. All this factors are important for ranging your content when it’s delivered to other users. Let’s Read more about Why commenting Shopify products is essential?[…]

Verified Products allows to add check icons to highlight trusted products in Shopify stores

Marking trusted products with badges on Shopify

A lot of merchants are looking for a way to highlight selected, featured or trusted products in their stores. Of course there are collections, tags, but there is one more easy and efficient way.   How does it work? Simply go to Verified Products` admin and verify products from the list:   Then you will Read more about Marking trusted products with badges on Shopify[…]

How to make Shopify store EU GDPR compliant?

Hi Shopify store owners! In this blog we’ll list important information about GDPR and how it affects your online store. If you’re selling items to European users, most probably, this article will be interesting for you.     So what is GDPR? On May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect. The GDPR Read more about How to make Shopify store EU GDPR compliant?[…]

How to handle call back requests with Shopify

Callback app for Shopify Many users were searching for a solution that would allow them to collect contact information of users who are interested in a call from the store to clarify details of their order or get some additional information. Since now it’s possible with Callback application created by Architechpro Shopify team. The Callback Read more about How to handle call back requests with Shopify[…]

Social networking mobile applications

phpFoxer mobile apps for phpFox support both v3 (Nebula) and v4 (Neutron) and have customizable design on both iOS and Android. Applications passed tests on all modern devices, including iPhone X, iPhone 7+, iPad Pro and newest Android devices. Our team will take care about installation and submission of both mobile applications, so you can Read more about Social networking mobile applications[…]

How new phpFox AdminCP will look like?

Are you having a great time using the new AdminCP of phpFox 4.6.0? Because phpFox is about to make clients experience even more exciting. As you know phpFox AdminCP has changed ever since the released of phpFox 4.6.0. And it looks awesome! But phpFox don’t want to settle for less – phpFox wants to give you Read more about How new phpFox AdminCP will look like?[…]

Create your social network today

“Ultimate Social Network Solution” – this is what phpFox is all about. People nowadays are so familiar using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other big social networks out there. But did you know that you can also build a Social Network? Have you ever thought of becoming a CEO of your own Social Network site? Read more about Create your social network today[…]