Mega PDF Invoice Order Printer spotlight: Premium Templates

Our app was created to allow merchants to generate PDF invoices automatically and send them by email when the order is created / paid / shipped. We at Architechpro team continue to improve our products to provide the best solutions for Shopify merchants all around the world, including bringing new features and adding more customization options. You can learn more about the Mega PDF Invoice Generator app in one of our previous blogs here.

In this blog we would like to highlight one of the most popular features our app provides:

Premium PDF Templates

These templates are carefully thought out, hand-crafted, come with various designs and advanced functionality. Here is a sneak peek at what they look like in the form of generated PDF file:

                  Amsterdam                                                                                        Paris


All important info, such as names, total price and contacts, is highlighted to provide a first-look understanding of what content the invoice provides.

                      London                                                                                         Istanbul

Color schemes are put together to fit the theme of your business’s outlook: you can select light, warm tones or more serious, sharp ones.

                      Barcelona                                                                                       Tokyo

If you’re already using Mega PDF Invoice Generator, you can preview these templates directly from your
Shopify Admin. Here is a simple visual guide on how to do it:

Our team is always open to provide additional customization options for your needs – we’re ready to create an invoice for you!

In case of any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Mega PDF Invoice Order Printer spotlight: Premium Templates

  • Hi, I am a shpofy developer. I am interested to know if you happen to have “Mega PDF Invoice Order Printer” suitble to Create Hebrew Invoices and maybe to Run the inventory in hebrew?

    • Hi Uri,

      We can see no reason why it wouldn’t work. We created RTL templates – we’ll check for examples and will send you an email for your review.

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