Improving Shopify search engine optimization (SEO)

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Today we’d like to cover a very important point related to one of the main aspects of building business with ShopifySearch Engine Optimization. This includes a complex of points of attention that, when optimized, provide you with opportunities of increased organic traffic, better brand awareness and product discovery, Google / other search engines rank improvement, better technical rating (such as load speed oriented) and so on. Such optimization is very important as we know that Shopify stores are not always 100% good from the box.


So what should we take attention to when optimizing Shopify stores in terms of SEO?

According to Shopify SEO overview, there are many factors that help online stores to appear higher in search results:

  • age of the domain name;
  • website structure and content;
  • the authority of the website based on many factors, such as an engagement;
  • the number of links pointing to your store from relevant web resources (not including paid links / social media links).

While we, as Shopify partners, won’t be able to affect on some of the factors, such as domain age, we can help you with improving others.


Shopify SEO services provided by Architechpro Team:

  • Keyword Research;
  • On-page SEO;
  • Off-page SEO;
  • Local SEO (if required);
  • Conversions optimization;
  • Ranking and Progress Reports.

General Shopify SEO strategies we offer:

  1. On-page optimization – correction technical bugs, keyword research and placement on landing pages (title, meta-tags, text, images etc), rebuilding internal links, setup Google services (Search Console, Analytics, Tag Manager). Traffic will get a first “jump”at two-four weeks after that
  2. Off-page optimization – Looking for relevant and quality backlinks and citations. Takes about 4-6 months (*Full USA Region, Work on some specific regions will be a bit faster);
  3. Social Review – Searching and buying Social Review for creation of native backlinks profile;
  4. Conversion optimization (during all work period);
  5. Work with content – Searching for writers to create unique content for your site blog / pages content and correction of their work.


If you are interested in a dedicated Shopify SEO service or in one-time consultations, please contact us with details.





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