Thank you page – now available in Courses app for Shopify

Hi everyone,

Making your progress through an online course is always a fascinating and enjoyable experience. But nothing beats the feeling of finally making it to the very end and completing your course altogether. To enhance that experience, today we’d like to show you our brand new feature coming to the Courses app:

Thank you page

This feature provides merchants the ability to show a custom message for students who just completed the course and specify up to 3 recommended courses from your shop. These recommendations will guide the student on what they can learn next, thus helping both the student on deciding what product of yours they want to enroll into next, and the merchant to upsell their digital products.

This is an example of how Course completion page looks like for your customers:

To enable this feature, go to your Shopify store’s Apps section, select Courses and go to the My Courses tab. Select one of your courses, then select Courses completion page under the Courses settings column on the right side of the page:

Here you can edit the title of the Course completion page, as well as the congratulating message. In the Recommended courses section you can choose up to 3 courses that will be shown as recommended, as well as edit the title and message for this section.

You can try out this feature, along with many others, on our Demo plan of the app for free.

In case of any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us. Stay tuned!


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