Back-up images from Shopify

Many of Shopify store owners have thought about their store copy or migration. So which data will you need to export in case if you decide to make a back-up of your online store, create a copy or migrate a store to a brand new Shopify account?

  • Products metadata (titles, descriptions, prices, variants, etc);


Mega Image Exporter

Our brand new Mega Image Exporter app helps to solve the last problem – create a structured archive of all image files from all products or selected products. So once you install Mega Image Exporter you’ll have only a few settings to set up and you’re ready to export images:

Set your email in order to receive a link to download exported product images

So you have entered your email, now just click Export button on the top right.

You can choose only a few images to export in case if you only need to download images of a few certain products

Product list allows you to select products you’d like to export images from. In case if you’d like to export all product images, simply click on Export All button (it will show how many products you currently have for export).

When export is in progress, you will see a progress bar that informs you about approximate amount of images processed. Once the process is finished, we will run the magic on our end to sort and name all images for you nicely. As soon as our servers finish preparing files, you will get an email that looks similar to above. Green Download button will allow you to download images of all products in a structured .zip archive:

Every folder represents appropriate product


So, assuming the list of things you have to perform when making a back-up of your store or changing e-commerce platform, we created this solution for Shopify stores that makes life a bit easier (at least, for this task).

What else Mega Image Exporter can be useful for?

It’s possible to use it for exporting images for promotional purposes, like ads, Instagram / Facebook stories, posting in social media, printing, creating catalogs, etc.

What about pricing?

Mega Image Exporter is free to try – you can export images of 10 products on a free plan. Additional product image exports are paid – please check this page for detailed pricing.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or custom requests – feel free to contact us.

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