New in Courses for Shopify: Drip Content + Limited Time Course Access



We’re continuing to inform you about new features in Courses app for Shopify. There are 2 new features we wanted to tell you about:

Drip Content


Now you can choose when to deliver new sections of your courses: you can choose a Specific Date (e.g. release the next course on 1st of the next month) or to release certain section N days after enrollment, where N is a number you can define. This option is useful to allow user to acccess groups of lessons bit by bit rather than allow them to access and check all lessons at once.


Limited Time Access


You will be able to limit how much time students will have to finish the course. This option can be useful if you are providing any kind of expiring content, deadline (sense of urgency), short trial, or simply want students to complete additional purchase if they want to access the course again.


Both features are available in Basic, Professional and Enterprise plans of the app.

Check out this video to see how it works:


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2 thoughts on “New in Courses for Shopify: Drip Content + Limited Time Course Access

  • Hello. I have a online academy. I would like to know i can migrate to shopify and Courses app. I have around 2k students learning online. Also would like to know if i can try it a few days

    • Hi Ramiro!

      Our app has a free tier, you can create up to 5 lessons free of charge to see how the app works.
      Migration is always an individual process, generally you will need to export customers and orders data, which is probably easiest to do with Shopify import / export apps available in Shopify App Store. In case if you will need any assistance with migrating courses, feel free to contact us using the contact form.

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