Notification about upcoming changes in Courses app

Thank you for using Courses app for Shopify!

Dear Courses app user,

Thanks a lot for using Courses app for Shopify! We released it in January 2020 and observed an incredible success we didn’t even expected of. Thank you for that. We also performed some significant improvements since that time, including:

  • providing every lesson and course with unique URL;
  • setting up automatic redirects in case guest clicked “My Courses” menu item and was asked to log in;
  • added course progress tracking feature;
  • added Facebook Comments app support so each lesson can be commented;
  • fully rebuilt course preview for administrators;
  • bunch of small UI / UX improvements.

We appreciate all suggestions and observations you submitted to us! Please keep doing so! Some of your feedback became new features team is implementing right now.

Today we’re glad to announce that we’re adding Certificates feature:

Along with that we’re announcing upcoming changes in our pricing that will take into effect on the April 15th in order to continue providing Courses as a great product and maintain high-level support service from our side.
Don’t worry, it won’t affect any plan you’re currently subscribed to but until the 15th of April you can still subscribe to any of our current pricing packages using app’s admin – in this case you won’t be affected by future pricing changes that will include:

  • changing amount of free testing entries on Demo plan to 5 free lessons;
  • allowing maximum of 20 lessons on a Basic plan;
  • enabling all-new Certificates feature starting from Basic plan;
  • allowing maximum of 100 lessons on a Professional plan.

Hurry up to upgrade before the 15th of April and save on the future charges and thanks for supporting us in creating new features for Courses app. We’re glad to help in growing your online business!

Wash your hands and stay healthy in these weird 2020.
Best regards,
Architechpro team.

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