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We’re Architechpro team – we create Shopify apps and work to make the life of Shopify merchants easier. One of our most popular Shopify solutions is Mega PDF Invoice Order Printer app. We created this app to allow merchants to generate PDF invoices automatically and send them by email when the order is created / paid / shipped. Some stores just use it to bulk export invoices or generate PDF invoice files manually using app’s admin.

This works great when store’s orders are small, but what if you’re working with wholesale customers and have hundreds of different positions, sizes, variants and SKUs? It’s important to be able to generate invoices for draft orders so we worked with Shopify Plus customers to create invoices that group all items in a compact and easy to understand way. Here’s a video example of how it works:

So if you want to create a wholesale invoice you need upgrade to Enterprise plan and follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Shopify Orders > Draft, then you need to create an order that contains a large number of items with different options like sizes, colors etc.

2. After product creation click on More actions > Print wholesale invoice button

3. Wait a bit and then you will see generated invoice with all options. Here’s an example of how invoice can look like



We know that many stores work in a different way so this example only illustrates one specific case – still, if you have a need to create custom wholesale invoices that contain big quantity of items and need to be grouped, include custom calculations or need to be displayed in a way you want – we’re ready to create an invoice for you!


Install Mega PDF Invoice Order Printer for Shopify


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  • I would like to customise the invoice created by mega pdf generator. Only minor additions are required such as adding the coupon code used and adding a top area with billing and shipping address up the top. How do I start this process and how much is it?

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