Sell online courses with Shopify

Shopify is one of the best platforms that allow you to start your business in seconds. In this article we want to cover the situation when we need to create a platform for selling courses / lessons / webinars / tutorials online.


With new Courses app for Shopify you can turn your products into online courses. This app helps to break down products by sections, where every section will contain as many lessons as you like.



Customers can track their progress and mark lessons as completed to be able to continue where they stopped last time (app remembers this automatically).


You’ll be able to create sections and courses in app’s admin panel. To easily create a lesson you can copy-paste courses contents from Word, Google Docs, or simply by copying them from other web pages – Courses app will keep formatting and include pictures.

You can also preview the course and set expected completion time that will be shown on My Courses page for your customers:


When someone purchases a course, they will be able to access My Courses page in their account. It will list all purchased courses and allow to filter them by tags. It’s possible to view courses contents online or download course files. Store admin can upload files to a preferred storage (Google Drive / Amazon S3 / other storage) and link the course with files stored in cloud.



The app includes instructions that help to guide customers on how they can access course materials and optimize store navigation for Courses.

Feel free to check our demo and install courses app – it has a free tier.

6 thoughts on “Sell online courses with Shopify

    • Hi Mark! There’s no such feature yet, but it is in our plan – we are going to release a few important improvements before it will go live.

  • I’ve installed and set up a demo course. This is perfect for us apart from the above comment & the color of person’s name in the “My Courses” page, the light blue does not work with our color scheme. Can color be changed?

    • Yes, the color can be changed with CSS, in case if you need our help, please drop us a line using Support tab of the app and we’ll make the change for you.

  • Hello, i don’t really get what you mean by unlimited courses creation but with limited lessons. Can you please explain more ?

    • Hi Monty!
      Some educational platforms are limiting amount of courses you can create. We don’t do that – instead, our pricing is mainly based on amount of lessons you can create. Size of one lesson is not limited, so it can contain as many text, images, videos, etc as you need (so you can even stay within our free tier if needed by creating larger lessons instead of smaller ones).

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