Advanced GDPR compliance for Shopify

In this blog we would like to highlight key improvements in the most advanced Shopify app designed to assist store owners with receiving and processing GDPR requests – GDPR Data Compliance Banner EU


GDPR app for Shopify

Let’s take a look at its new features:


New GDPR banner customization options

We have prepared customizable banners for dark and light templates. For german stores there’s a special version: “DSGVO Komform”


Cookie bar and Access My GDPR button

Simple and elegant cookie bar will appear on the top of the screen by default by not overlapping any content of your store. In addition, we have placed Access My GDPR button in user’s account so when your customer logs in, they’re able to access the page with all personal data and actions related to it.


Get detailed info about all cookie acceptance events

We provide analytics related to all events of cookie policy acceptance


My GDPR page

All-new My GDPR page that is optimized for light and dark themes and includes key features required by GDPR


All-new admin: flexible customization options for cookie bar and GDPR banner

Change color, position, buttons text, position, policy link, optionally enable or disable cookie bar or GDPR banner.


Track all data deletion requests and get instructions on handling them right in your admin

You will be able to check all GDPR requests in your admin as well as to receive notifications about requests by email. It’s also possible to export all requests as CSV file for further processing.


Try our GDPR Compliant Banner – it has a free tier as well as advanced plan that includes more features. Check out other apps made by Architechpro team here.


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