Why commenting Shopify products is essential?

Working on e-commerce directions, in particular – Shopify, we always take experience from our wide social networking background. We all know that most of the content users generate in social networks can be (in various ways) liked, re-posted, promoted or commented. All this factors are important for ranging your content when it’s delivered to other users.

Let’s talk about one of the most important ones – Comments.


Facebook Comment Reviews – a great example of social comments that work with any external page or item

Comments allow users to leave their feedback, share what they think or feel about the topic in a very quick way. With social comments user doesn’t need to think about authorization – this makes the process quick and easy.

But what about real use cases?

Shopify comments
Facebook Comments button shown on product’s page of Shopify store

Great example of interaction between merchants and buyers – they can ask questions or post their feedback about products with Facebook Comments.

We developed a solution that helps clients of Shopify based stores to find a way to express themselves or interact with store owners using well-designed and reliable Facebook platform.

popup mode setting for Facebook Comments – Shopify
popup mode setting for Facebook Comments – Shopify
Facebook Comments can be presented in a different ways – pop-ups, on-demand block displayed after the button is clicked, etc.

With Shopify app store usage of Facebook Comments is easier than ever. 



Facebook Comments is free to install and try for 3 days.

Find Facebook Comments on Shopify App Store: //apps.shopify.com/facebook-product-comments

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