Exports invoices in bulk on Shopify



How to export invoices from Shopify in bulk? You can easily do this with Mega PDF Invoice Generator app.


1. It’s free to install so feel free to add it to your store to get started:


2. Once the app is installed, you can go to its settings in Apps > Mega PDF Invoice Generator to set up settings for your invoice, upload your logo and preview the test invoice to make sure it looks correctly.


3. Visit Orders section of your Shopify admin. Then use More actions dropdown menu and click Export PDF invoices for all orders:


4. You will be able to activate export service that will get information about all orders available in your store. The app will create PDFs for all your orders and, once ready, send it to you as a ZIP file over email. Please note that the process can take certain amount of time, as if you have thousands of invoices, it will take time to generate, save and organize all of them.


You can export up to 50 invoices at once free of charge or activate bulk export option to export all invoices from your store at once for $49.99 (unlimited exports during 30 days). You can re-activate this feature after 30 days for as many times as you want.


In case of any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us. Stay tuned!

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